Gambling Site’s Labor Day Gift – Free Lotto Tips is giving workers of the world a
unique gift this Labor Day, a way to beat the odds on hitting the big jackpot. The site has posted an article about an ex-state lottery official having access to insider research on which numbers have a better change of winning Lotto.

Recent studies have shown that of the 142 million
American workers, 40% are buying lottery tickets as
their sole means of funding their retirement. And if
they were to win the lottery, the first thing they
would do is quit their job.

This trend is not only happening in the U.S. the
richest country in the world, more people are
purchasing lotto tickets than ever before. In 2000
total world sales were $140 Billion. Spain’s El Gordo is the biggest lottery in the world, this year’s first prize winner will win $612 million.

Martin Scher, President of said,
“many people are worried about their jobs, and their
future, lowering the odds in your favor, giving you an
edge over other players, plus a little luck is a
powerful dream every time they put their hard-earned
money down.”

The article lists ten smart moves for hitting lotto,
because of space requirements, we can only list three here;

1) The numbers total in pick 6/49 judi online must be between
142 and 172

2) Do not use quick pick. Majority of winning lotto tickets picked own numbers.

3) Never buy scratch-off tickets. Cards are sold after winning tickets are presented.